19th Century


My prof gave an assignment for us to research about the 19th Century, which should connect to the Philippines.

This subject is for “Rizal Course”, about a Philippine hero that changed the whole nation. #JustTheStudentThings

You thought there was something interesting?

Nope, just procrastinating.


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2017 New Years Resolution

Happy New Year!

2016 was one heck of a year, it has its ups and downs but mostly it was a time when the world had too much scandalous news. Hopefully, 2017 would be better and a time for change.

During my pubescent years of creating resolutions, I decided to be serious with this one, because heck I’m 20 already! I need to stand my ground and grow more.

To the future of this blog, I started this back in November 2011, it was meant to be more private and a place where I can write out my thoughts without being judged. Though, my writing has been off lately and admit-tingly been lazy with pushing the content in this, yet I still want to pursue this “diary” of mine since I was inspired to write again by Camie Juan (a favorite blogger of mine and fashion inspiration! Check her out! http://wild-spirit.net/things-im-thankful-2016/).

Anyway, without further ado, here are my resolutions for 2017:


  • Give up toxic people
  • Learn to say “no”
  • Start a healthy lifestyle
  • Save P200 every week
  • Be confident and volunteer if you want to!
  • Spend less, invest more
  • Ask help and learn
  • Pride is not the answer
  • Don’t be afraid to speak out your ideas even though its stupid
  • Let go
  • To love more and improve a relationship with my other half ❤
  • Spend more time with family ❤

Hobbies to Achieve

  • Continue calligraphy and write with all your might
  • Continue watercolor landscape paintings because you need to realize that you can see and create beauty
  • Vlog more to keep amazing memories
  • Learn to be flexible with editing
  • Customize this blog

Thesis Agenda

  • Research as early as now for thesis!
  • Volunteer and work hard
  • Discover to learn
  • Keep a notebook filled with thesis ideas

Future Blog Content

  • Dear 30s Me
  • Birthday Posts (delayed for like 2 years)
  • Vlog About Travels
  • Life Diaries (About current and past issues that had happened to me)

2017 will be a promising year!

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Patay pa rin ang akin puso sa mga tao na iniiwan ako sa ere.

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See you later!

Just when you thought everything in life seems perfect…. someone has to leave. Then you have to say goodbye to a friend whom you’ve almost spent decades with.

This is about my friend moving away from Canada. It was a very sudden news for us and we decided to all pitched in to make his remaining days/months in the Philippines very special. Every single event was really fun and everlasting for all of us. It was very nice to feel nostalgia again with them. But at the end of the day, we would promise among ourselves that nothing will ever be a permanent farewell, but a long time patience of “See you later!”

I will share a couple of the videos we made for our friend, it is the compilation of the memories we had with him and the moments we intend to never forget.

This first one is more of a happy vibe and funny moment feels video haha!

This second one is a very endearing and a “cry-fest” video. I gotta admit, all of us teared up while watching this. It was made by childhood friend as well. 🙂

Hoping to be together and complete with my childhood friends, once he’s back! 🙂 and yes, we are definitely clingy with each other 😉

Enjoy the videos!

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Renovation and other things

Good day everyone!

For the maintenance of this blog, I will do everything I can to retain it.
My inspiration? A lot of things.

I experienced and listened to the most amazing events and happenings in my life nowadays. It is ideal for to be flexible in every aspect of art in my life, especially writing. 🙂 Hopefully I will achieve in the best possible way.

Luckily, I’ll be able to edit my past posts and finished my other writings haha. Enjoy my future posts!

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And then there were “none”

Where did it go all wrong?

Sometimes, you can’t undo any situation; you can only just watch the outcome of everything. You give your best to make it even lighter, though what you receive is getting snubbed, misunderstandings and loneliness. The saddest thing you could ever do? Just watch. The shattering of a connection, you thought was going to last a lifetime…. People will always change. And it’s even hard to accept them in their true nature, it takes patience and a lot of understanding.

Maybe the separation was suppose to happen, to make way for a brand new innovation haha. It’s really sad to realize that your friends have parted ways. But you know… C’est la vie.

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I’ve been falling and falling endlessly

to a dark abyss, with no return.

But finally, you catched me.

And I feel saved.

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