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2017 New Years Resolution

Happy New Year! 2016 was one heck of a year, it has its ups and downs but mostly it was a time when the world had too much scandalous news. Hopefully, 2017 would be better and a time for change. … Continue reading

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And then there were “none”

Where did it go all wrong? Sometimes, you can’t undo any situation; you can only just watch the outcome of everything. You give your best to make it even lighter, though what you receive is getting snubbed, misunderstandings and loneliness. … Continue reading

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Bottled up feelings

List of things I want to say but can’t: “To you I will always be a failure, but to them I’m a success” “Isn’t that your job? Why do you keep complaining?” “Bitch, the only attitude problem we have here … Continue reading

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“wag mong aangkinin ang trabaho”

Someone told me that in an open forum once and strange thing is that, I didn’t accept it at first because I’m stubborn as hell. This person was simply explaining how my work ethics is which I respect. I think … Continue reading

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We all know that “forever” is just a word… an imagination of our foolish minds. Sometimes we believe it to be the only reality that we would want to have. Even if it molds, you want it to stay forever. … Continue reading

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2013 is almost ending and I have to say this has been one amazing and horrible year for me. I have dealt with a lot of pain and agony during my seven months in college, I questioned if I had … Continue reading

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1st Semester = A rollercoaster ride

It has been almost 3 months of me not updating this blog and I regret that I have not been recording all the wonderful and bad things that has happened to me in college. Honestly, this first semester in UST … Continue reading

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