See you later!

Just when you thought everything in life seems perfect…. someone has to leave. Then you have to say goodbye to a friend whom you’ve almost spent decades with.

This is about my friend moving away from Canada. It was a very sudden news for us and we decided to all pitched in to make his remaining days/months in the Philippines very special. Every single event was really fun and everlasting for all of us. It was very nice to feel nostalgia again with them. But at the end of the day, we would promise among ourselves that nothing will ever be a permanent farewell, but a long time patience of “See you later!”

I will share a couple of the videos we made for our friend, it is the compilation of the memories we had with him and the moments we intend to never forget.

This first one is more of a happy vibe and funny moment feels video haha!

This second one is a very endearing and a “cry-fest” video. I gotta admit, all of us teared up while watching this. It was made by childhood friend as well. 🙂

Hoping to be together and complete with my childhood friends, once he’s back! 🙂 and yes, we are definitely clingy with each other 😉

Enjoy the videos!


About Shen Fernandez

I'm an indecisive fool who is trying to be a better writer.
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