Late birthday post: julytwentysixtwentyfourteen

So before the year ends, I would like to post about what happened during my birthday which was months ago haha. I just want to keep track to my yearly experiences and changes that happened, and what better way to describe some transitions of my birthday then through words haha. Because, as you get old, you begin to celebrate your day with different people and see how different each year is. I want to keep track of these changes 😉

Anyway, this year, my birthday wasn’t all that exciting or bad. It’s just that the actual day was a pretty busy day, because at the time we had ingress set-up (ingress – means we prepare and put all of our equipments and set pieces in the venue where the play is held.) I sacrificed my debut plans for the play to be a success, for one reason is that it’s my first time to be the main cast in a legit play! and another is because I love theater very much, I’d like to show my friends and family that my art is what makes me who I am.

July 25 – I didn’t expect anything during my birthday but through my surprise my friends planned a surprise for me at Dimsum Treats!!! Before the actual day. Honestly, I was very very surprised. My expression was like very thankful, surprised and tearful. I’m glad to have them as my friends! 🙂



July 28 – My debut happened. How? Teatro Tomasino. Theme? 18 Fries.
Thanks to them, I didn’t need an actual debut for people to show me that they care about me. 🙂

July 30 and 31 – Play dates of Unzip! My role here is “Tita” from Over a Cup of Coffee by George de Jesus III.


You can’t have it all, is my realization. Something better will happen, when you least expect it.
#eighteen #thankful #thankyouGod


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I'm an indecisive fool who is trying to be a better writer.
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