Bark for Love?

So a few weeks ago, I was deciding what theme I wanted for my portfolio in my Photography class. Luckily, my very chubby dog slept beside me that night and gave me an inspiration, that I wanted “Dogs” as my theme to showcase their unique nature. And what better way to find adorable dogs is to try that newly opened cafe in katipunan, Barkin’ Blends!

I was able to see the place for myself and might I say, the ambiance is very welcoming and calm. The dogs were very comforting to be with and their playfulness was very infectious, it’s definitely the perfect happy vibe therapy! Though, when I arrived there the dogs were tired from playing with the other people who came before me.

There were a few dogs that were able to play with me after they had their nap hahahaha!




Skye the Husky taking a nap.


Vader and Yoda looking at the weird dogs.


Smile the pug!!


“Eyes of a Husky”

page 9

Tired dogs sleeping… Adorable!


The reaction of the Beagle is priceless!

IMG_7320 IMG_7286 IMG_7185 IMG_7384

Visit this wonderful cafe at Katipunan, 91 Rosa Alvero street! xoxo


About Shen Fernandez

I'm an indecisive fool who is trying to be a better writer.
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