Bottled up feelings

List of things I want to say but can’t:

“To you I will always be a failure, but to them I’m a success”
“Isn’t that your job? Why do you keep complaining?”
“Bitch, the only attitude problem we have here is yours”
“If I mess up even just for a little, it’s a fucking big deal. If you mess up, it’s not”
“Paasa kayo.”
“I like you but I don’t like you”
“Lower your pride”
“Are you even my friend? Or your personal slave”
“Napapagod din ako”
“Personally, you’ll completely understand me when I step on stage… Or when I’m on the tech booth haha”
“If you were in my shoes, you would know how you treat me”
“I have capabilities that haven’t bloomed yet”

“You don’t understand and are not willing to understand.”


About Shen Fernandez

I'm an indecisive fool who is trying to be a better writer.
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