“wag mong aangkinin ang trabaho”

Someone told me that in an open forum once and strange thing is that, I didn’t accept it at first because I’m stubborn as hell. This person was simply explaining how my work ethics is which I respect.

I think the basis of his statement is to have more trust on the people who you are working with. Sure it is difficult to trust people nowadays, they might not fit your standards on the quality of the work you want but still, it is important to teach people how responsibility is. And how can you know if the person you are working with, does his/her work well? Theater work and school work is definitely different from each other. I understand now what this person was trying to say to me. It feels horrible that you aren’t contributing anything from a project or a groupwork just because this person doesn’t trust you at this kind of task. Learn to trust people, even though it’s hard to do. Check up on them once in awhile if you think they aren’t doing their specific task. Cause in reality, people who judge that you aren’t good with this task won’t give you the freedom to contribute, even though you know that you can do it.


About Shen Fernandez

I'm an indecisive fool who is trying to be a better writer.
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