I’m back with another birthday post, and I will interpret it through timeline. May I say, that this has been the best birthday month ever!!! I chose some of the best highlights of July.

July 13 – I had a boys’ night(ironic) with these four at MOA, we watched Pacific Rim and it was so awesome! Followed by, a long ride home with open windows and party music. 🙂

July 16 – THE MOST EXCITING MOMENT OF MY LIFE: I PASSED TEATRO TOMASINO!!!!!! I can’t wait for a new adventure with theater!!!


July 26 – The actual day of my birthday! My college friends surprised me in the locker, and they were very convincing when they said they couldn’t go to my “Pizza party” with our other blockmates haha. But one of the highlights of this day is getting the ID Scanner to say “Happy Birthday” to you! Thank you Lord, for great friends!


July 27 – I was lucky to watch a Cinemalaya film today entitled “Purok 7” by Carlo Obispo, with the Artistic Director and the other members of Teatro! The film talks about a brother and a sister in the province, that struggle to miss their mother who is an MMDA. No spoilers but the ending was really heart breaking.

After the indie movie, I went home from CCP…. and to my surprise, I was definitely surprised once more by these boys! How did they surprise me? My brother called me at the room, while I was lying down to rest, he told me that my dad had called me so ofcourse I went to the door to go outside. When I opened it, there was a cake, a candle and three boys singing “Happy Birthday.” Thank you so much boys!

August 4 – Late celebration of my birthday with my childhood friends! 🙂 #Reunion at MOA.

By far, this is the best birthday month ever! I am very blessed to have so many blessings. Thank you Lord! #seventeen


About Shen Fernandez

I'm an indecisive fool who is trying to be a better writer.
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