Stiffi, why did you eat my fries?


You’re like so old na and stuff hihi. I’m gonna be so emotional here so here it goes. =))

I’ve known you since second year, you were like cool and random. To be honest, I really wanted to be your classmate nung time na yun. And I got my wish last year =)) I was so happy bonding with you little by little and getting to know the real you. Every moment that we had through the past years was forever in my memory… Well not all in my memories =))))))))))) :(( Thank you for being there when I needed someone to cry on or to talk to. Thank you for always cheering me up and for helping me remember the positive side. Thank you for accepting my abnormalness. Most especially, thank you for being my absolute closest friend. You’re one of the people that I intend to keep forever, til’ death do us part (nuxxx). Sobrang thank you also for the effort that you did during my birthday, umiyak ako sa sobrang saya =)))))))) 😦 😦 I know it gave you a lot of stress (sorry) but trust me it was worth it 😉

I love it when you gets random at times, I love how you make these amazing love stories in your past times, I love the interesting things you have, I love how you’re being yourself all the way, I love you for you. You mean a lot to me and to other people too.

I’ll always be here for you through your awesome moments and depressing ones too. It’s my turn to return the favor 🙂 Sorry also if I get annoying at times or yung mga days na clueless ako =))))))))) that’ll always happen but I’m sure it’ll subside. (I hope) Ayun :))

HAPPY SWEEET SIXTEEN BRO!!!!!! Enjoy it because you deserve the best! 😉 *singing MTV’s Sweet sixteen theme song* I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MY BUTTER TO MY BREAD!!! I MISS YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

Your long lost sister,

In response to your photo on my birthday:



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I'm an indecisive fool who is trying to be a better writer.
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