Triple the Awesomeness!

Recollection, an activity that a class has to participate, share, “recollect” and what not.

This year, we had our recollection at a retreat place in Tagaytay, which was a super awesome place to live in because the environment was very peaceful, you can really connect with God and there are several places you can visit(Seriously you can have an awesome adventure there).

We started the day with a little food hopping then a session followed, we had to relate to a line in the card that was passed around. And after that another session followed which was LSD(Life Space Diagram), we had to draw a diagram on how our family is like, this was personally my favorite because I knew everyone was gonna reach out and cry. Each and every one of my classmates had problems of their own and I respect their bravery all these times, I even thought the people who stayed so strong had been struggling with a problem like that for such a time now. It was an eye opener for me and everybody else, this session definitely made our class bond better. After that, we watched half of the movie called “Departures” before going to our dorms and sleep.

So, the next day started with our class waking up early to shower and I gotta say all of us were really in a “bangag” face mode(including me), it was pretty funny. Then we had to finish our last session and the movie. By the end of the day, we were riding back to school and singing totally random songs on the way.

But overall, the whole recollection was a fantastic journey to discover ourselves and the people around us. I really had a fun time, especially seeing my class adviser and classmates happy and all that. If only there was someway to repeat the recollection…?

Tiwala sa Diyos at sa puso.
Maraming Salamat 3-Assertiveness.


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