19 Ways To Get Smarter

1. Wipe the smile off your face. Experiments have shown that the simple act of frowning makes you more skeptical and analytic in your thinking.

2. Play words with friends. Research shows word puzzles can help reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

3. Learn a language. Mastering a second language gives a workout to your prefrontal cortex, which affects decision making and emotions.

4. Eat dark chocolate. It might not boost your IQ overnight, but dark chocolate is reported to have memory-improving flavonoids. And go ahead and pair it with a glass of red wine(another flavonoid source).

5.Toss your smartphone. Like, in the garbage: constantly checking your email disrupts focus and saps productivity.

6. Build a “memory palace”. A trick for quick recall: associate the thing you want to remember with a vivid image. You may not have the patience to build a “memory palace,” but at least get a sense of such techniques by reading Joshua Foer’s Moonwalking With Einstein: The Art And Science of Remembering Everything.

7. Play violent video games. Yes you read that right. Various studies have found that videogames quicken reactions, improve multi-tasking and reduce hostile feeling after a stressful task.

8. Eat Yogurt. Probiotics are good for your stomach, but studies on mice suggest they are good for your brain, too: mice who ate them handled anxiety better and showed increased activity in sections of the brain handling emotions and memory.

9. See a Shakespeare play. Reading the Bard has been shown to engage the brain more actively than most contemporary texts, but watching him can’t hurt either.

10. Refine your thinking. The brain has two distinct modes of thought (according to Daniel Kahneman author of Thinking, Fast and Slow)

  • System 1: fast and automatic
  • System 2: slower and more effortful

Under these two systems, Kahneman argues, and we may be able to detect our own lazy biases and make better choices.

11. Hydrate. Sure, every doctor and trainer tells you this, and we will too: dehydration forces the brain to work harder to dampen its planning ability.

12. Play an instrument. Strum chords, tickle the ivories, play a jug. Learning an instrument boosts IQ and increases activity in parts of the brain controlling memory and coordination.

13. Write by hand. Brain scans show that handwriting engages more sections of the brain than typing. Bonus brain boost: it’s easier to remember something once you’ve written it down on paper.

14. Zone out. Let your mind wander. A string of studies suggests that zoning out, especially when you don’t consciously realize you’re doing it, allows the brain to work on important “big picture” thinking.

15. Drink coffee. And don’t just drink one cup: women who drank 4 cups of coffee a day were less likely to suffer depression than women who drank just one cup a week. Other studies have shown coffee to bolster short-term memory.

16. Delay gratification. Studies have found that children who were able to resist a marshmallow placed in front of them turned out, years later, to have higher SAT scores than students who snatched it up. The more successful children didn’t necessarily have a natural gift for patience; they controlled their attention by focusing on something else, like singing a song.

17. Become an expert. Master one task you really enjoy and your brain will perform more efficiently when you do it.

18. Write reviews online. Anyone can be a critic on the Internet – and you should too. When you like or hate something review it. Typing out your opinion will help you to better understand your own thinking.

19. Get out of town. Life in a big city can drive you to distraction(says Jonah Lehrer). Spending just a few minutes on a crowded street impairs memory and self-control, as your brain processes all the stimuli. So plan a weekend getaway: getting in touch with nature helps the brain to recover.

– This was originally 32 but I got the ones that are interesting for you to read and it’s from Newsweek magazine that I read today! Hope you get amuse by these facts.


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