Doctor Who?

I would like to share this fantastic episode that a good friend of mine showed me months ago. It’s from the british show called “Doctor Who” which is truly mind-blowing if you watch it.

I’m about to show you an episode entitled: Blink. Well just a preview of it.

Weeping Angels – They look like statues but are really creatures from another world
– A single touch from them can zap you from the past
– Tip: Don’t blink.

You should skip to 3:19 on this one to see how the angels really look like when you turn your backs on them.

I got interested with the show by just watching this episode, it seemed so epic and so astonishing that it keeps your imagination run wild or something. So there, just showing one of my interests hihi.


About Shen Fernandez

I'm an indecisive fool who is trying to be a better writer.
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