Money always matters? Fuck this.

I was on my way home yesterday and I saw a child at the side of the street holding a cup, begging for money. I searched through my bag if I have any food left to give her, and thankfully I had bread inside. So I gave her the bread and a piso (just for goodluck) then I walked near to the line to get a tricycle.

On my way there, I saw two younger brothers, one was sleeping and the other was holding a cup begging for money. I pitied them really but I was helpless to them since I gave my last bread to the little girl.

Anyway, I was already lining up to get a tricycle when suddenly, the little girl ran to me and asked “Ikaw, ba yung nagbigay saakin ng pagkain?”, “Oo, ako yun” I said. I thought she was going to say thanks or something for the kind offering I gave her, “Ibabalik ko po yung pagkain” I was shocked and wondered why she would give away the food “Hindi okay lang, sayo na lang yung pagkain” I said. The girl was hesitant to give me back the food  “Ate, sayo na lang talaga. Sabi po ng kapatid ko na bawal pagkain.” she said but I kept denying her… at some point I got a little pissed off, err well she’s still a little girl so I couldn’t stay mad. Finally, the girl left the food at a hood at the jeepney and I was surprised to see the piso that I gave her was there.

What the hell? Why would she do that? I gave her the food already and she didn’t even accept it… Seriously though, you told me you were hungry. Now you’re turning it down just because your sibling told you that food isn’t allowed? SO ANG GUSTO NIYO PERA. GRABE AH BINIBIGAY NA NGA ANG KAILANGAN NIYO TAS’ AYAW PA TANGGAPIN DAHIL HINDI SIYA PERA.

I was seriously fucking pissed at that kid. Thanks for appreciating my gift of luck.

But a quick thought occurred in my mind, and I found myself running to find the two brothers I saw earlier. It’s a good thing I still saw them at the same place. So I gave one of the brothers the food and the piso (yet again for goodluck), he looked at me with a smile on his face and little hope. I felt more appreciated by him.

Lesson learned: People have really changed nowadays, not appreciating what’s given to them already. You have friends, clothes, food, education etc. yet you always say there’s something missing or complain about that you don’t have this and that. You have everything already, everything they don’t have. And money seems to always matter right now, it’s not at it’s right purpose anymore. 


About Shen Fernandez

I'm an indecisive fool who is trying to be a better writer.
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2 Responses to Money always matters? Fuck this.

  1. katrina says:

    This is really sad, Shen. But the reason why they cannot accept food is because their boss – or parent or someone who asks them to beg – wants money for themselves. The kids are like slaves. I think they will be punished if they don’t give back money to the bosses. I feel sorry for them…

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