Friday & Saturday ♥


The typical school morning
Last minute plans
Dismissal discussions
Journey all the way home
Baby pictures that were exposed
African story book
A guest that was expected to come
Cut & paste
Low energy
Chicken chicken everywhere
Transportation dilemmas
Strumming the guitar
Exchanging of stories
A night with amazing people


School in the morning? Damn.
Community Day
No water guns or foam sprays
Boring morning
Few money to spend
Jail Booth
Talks & walks
Parents Vs Teachers volleyball game
Plastic Balloons
Angry birds disk game thingy
Teacher’s Variety show starting
Unleashing all the surgary energy
Shouting & supporting
Dancing to the beat
This is the most exciting event
Sweaty & wet feeling
Frisbee with special people
Exchanging stories
Waiting for my car to bring me home
Still have to get ready
Spent time with two people I missed
Finally my car!
Getting ready quick
Showed up at the party late
Happy birthday!
Met old friends
Photo booth
Bathroom hideout
Birthday cakes
Dancing in the dark
Stayed at my bestfriend’s house
Arrived home
Bagsak sa higaan.

Thank you Lord for this awesome weekend.


About Shen Fernandez

I'm an indecisive fool who is trying to be a better writer.
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